Approach of Fall Means Unique Wedding Options

The breezes have gotten cooler, but the fall wedding season is just starting to heat up in New England. Away from the summer heat, there’s an elegance and romance to the foliage-filled months that convinces many couples to schedule their weddings then, meaning that Massachusetts salons have seen an influx of those needing distinctive, season-appropriate bridal hair.

Giacomo DiRado, owner of the renowned Giacomo and Rondi salon in Kenmore Square, has seen his fair share of autumn brides during his four decades in the business, and the Boston hair stylist understands the appeal of the season.

“The brides we have coming in this time of year have always pictured their ideal wedding taking place in the fall,” DiRado said. “Fall in New England is a gorgeous time of year, and they want that rustic beauty reflected in their hair and their ceremony. Fall brides tend to have a distinctive sense of style, and it’s always a fun challenge to match their wedding hairstyle to their unique fashion preferences.”

Unlike the spectacle of a grand summer wedding filled with bright colors, an autumn wedding tends to show a more casual, non-traditional elegance. Refined and understated, many fall ceremonies sport the colors of the season: rich oranges, browns and reds. However, even if a couple has a specific idea of the seasonal décor they want, there are still many different hair styles available for fall brides to select from.

DiRado knows how many choices a bride has when she comes into his salon. He knows this because he has helped hundreds of brides achieve their unique vision for their hair. Based on his experience, there are some guidelines he has in place for brides and fall brides in particular.

“My philosophy with hair is that simpler is usually better, and with breezy fall days it is always good to consider the effect the wind will have on the hair,” he said. “The thing I always look for though, regardless of the season, is how the hair style will work with the dress and the particular bride. You can create a distinctive look, but that look needs to mesh with the style as well as the mood of the wedding party.”

DiRado’s instincts are backed up by experts in the industry. Yanni Tzoumas, editorial director of the prestigious Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine, cites how the brides’ hair and makeup choices are critical decisions they’ll make for their special day. And, without the guidance of an experienced stylist, some women will make bold hair choices that don’t necessary play to their strengths.

“At Wedding Style, we get engagement photo submissions where both members of the couple look fantastic, clearly comfortable with their natural sense of style,” said Tzoumas. “These sometimes are followed by wedding day pictures where the bride has undergone a radical transformation that, while daring, has a less than favorable result.”

“There is nothing wrong with experimentation but, especially with hair, the bride needs to stay true to themselves. An expert stylist will be able to reconcile their client’s dream wedding with their dream hair.”


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