Don’t Mistreat Your Feet This Winter!

With winter comes the tendency to ignore our feet. Sure, we wrap them in warm comfy socks and protect them from the cold snow with thick boots. Other than that, most of us are guilty of neglecting the part of our body that usually goes most pampered in the warmer “flip-flop” months.

Besides your dry, cracked feet being aesthetically unappealing, your skin is actually becoming damaged by the cold weather. Since no one sees your feet during the winter, many women forget about taking care of them or wait until the weather warms up to start taking care of them again. The truth of the matter is, as the temperature drops your feet require more attention. Jill Schuck Taylor, a writer for, offers many tips for keeping your feet summer ready even in the middle of the harshest of winters in her article “Winter Pedicure: Magic Tips for Pretty Feet”.

If “do-it-yourself” pedicures don’t appeal to you, why not come into Giacomo & Rondi Salon to treat your feet today! Call today to make an appointment: 617-437-1313


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