New Year, New You

It’s that time of year again, the time for resolutions. You’re going to go to the gym everyday! You’re going to take better care of yourself! You’re going to completely reinvent yourself! Most importantly, you’re going to be diligent about whatever your resolution may be… until about February 2nd!

We all do it, year after year, we swear this is the year we make good on our promise to ourselves. Then the inevitable happens, work gets busy, money gets tight, things “come-up” and our resolutions are left for another day. The problem is that we want to be so ambitious in our resolutions, that we’re almost immediately setting ourselves up for failure!

Drastically changing our daily habits overnight is easier said than done. Hence, why you tell your friends on December 31st how next year you’re going vegan and by January 6th you’re laughing about it over burgers with a side of chicken wings! This year why not start small? Harper’s Bazaar just released its list of beauty trends for 2011, including quick hair and make-up tips for the New Year. There’s something for everyone, from the low maintenance woman looking for an easy subtle change to the trendiest of women looking for the latest and greatest product to try!

I don’t know a woman who won’t tell you that the better she looks the better she feels. This year promise to make small changes that will give you the big results you’re looking for. This list provides tips that will add mere minutes onto your daily routine, making it almost impossible to give up on before the snow even melts!

As always, if you prefer to leave your beauty maintenance to the professionals, Giacomo & Rondi Salon is here to take care of all your beauty needs, from hair and make-up to skin and nails!!


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